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Representing Yourself in Court in Georgia

Have you recently been arrested for a drug-related offense in Georgia? If so, representing yourself in court may seem like a good way to save money. However, unless your goal is to plead guilty to your charges, this may not be the best option. Georgia takes a harsh stance on drug offenders, so you are unlikely to win your case by preparing your own defense.

Whether you were caught with illegally-obtained prescription medication or street drugs, you would be looking at a felony offense. Felonies are punishable by at least one year in prison (potentially more), large fines, hundreds of hours of community service, and the loss of your driver’s license. If you become a convicted felon, you may be unemployable in certain sectors and can have problems applying for housing. In addition, your right to own a gun or even vote will be taken away from you.

Georgia drug cases are complex and very technical, which is why having a qualified drug defense lawyer on your side is so important. A lawyer who is familiar with the law can review your case to determine if you were subject to illegal search or seizure or if there is evidence that the drugs in question belonged to someone else. A successful defense can help you gain the dismissal or even acquittal of your case.

If the prosecution believes that you violated the state’s possession with intent to distribute or drug trafficking laws, you could spend more time in prison than some violent offenders. If your lawyer can prove that these charges are excessive, there is a chance that your charge could be reduced to a lesser offense, such as simple possession.

Offering reasonable attorney fees, Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis has a strong focus on defending those accused of drug-related charges. All of our attorneys have received intensive training and are members of several prestigious criminal defense associations that have helped them hone their drug defense strategies. In addition to our wide range of available payment plans, we also accept credit cards.

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