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Georgia Schedule V Controlled Substance

Illegal possession of any controlled substance in Georgia may result in serious criminal charges. Under the Controlled Substances Act, passed by the U.S. Congress in 1970, all substances were placed into different categories (or “schedules”) based on their potential for abuse, use in medical treatment, and risk for physical and psychological dependency. If you have recently been arrested for an offense involving a Georgia Schedule V controlled substance, speaking with a qualified drug defense lawyer is highly recommended.

In comparison with the drugs in the other schedules, Schedule V controlled substances have the lowest potential for abuse and a limited risk of physical or psychological dependence. Accepted for medical use, the substances in this schedule must be prescribed by a physician.

Controlled substances in Schedule V include cough suppressants with a small amount of codeine, medications with a small amount of opium, pregabalin, and pyrovalerone, among others.

Although the substances in this schedule are available by prescription, their use is still highly regulated by the government. If you use or possess a controlled substance that isn’t prescribed to you, or you faked a prescription to get the medication, you could be arrested for drug possession.

If convicted of a drug-related offense, the judge will consider your prior criminal history as well as the type and amount of controlled substances found in your possession. Because possessing a Schedule V controlled substance is a felony offense, the judge may order you to spend at least one year in prison, complete drug treatment, perform community service, pay stiff fines, and serve probation. In addition, you could lose your driving privileges.

A number of situations could result in enhanced penalties. For example, distributing a Schedule V controlled substance to a minor or possessing drugs near a school zone may lead to increased prison time and fines. If you are caught transporting controlled substances across state lines, you could potentially face a federal drug trafficking charge.

There are several defenses available that can help you fight your Georgia Schedule V controlled substance charge. Please submit your case information on our online form now for a free, no-obligation initial consultation by an experienced defense lawyer today.

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