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Georgia Schedule II Controlled Substance

Drugs, narcotics, and other substances have been classified into different categories, known as “schedules” by the government. Factors such as potential for abuse, risk of dependency, and use in medical treatments are considered when placing a controlled substance into a schedule. If you have recently been charged with possessing a Schedule II controlled substance, hiring a qualified drug lawyer is strongly recommended.

Controlled substances in the Schedule II category are known to have a high potential for abuse, a severe risk of psychological or physical dependence, and are accepted for medical use in the United States. These substances can only be dispensed by a pharmacist, if it is prescribed by a physician and are not eligible for a refill.

Schedule II drugs include: cocaine, methylphenidate, opium, methadone, Oxycodone, morphine, pure codeine, pure hydrocodone, short-acting barbiturates, and amphetamines (among others).

Possessing, distributing, manufacturing, or trafficking any Schedule II controlled substance may result in a felony charge. The punishment for a felony drug offense can include at least one year in prison, probation, community service, expensive fines, and drug treatment. Your license can also be suspended upon conviction for a drug-related offense. Penalties may be increased if you supply a minor with a controlled substance or possess controlled substances near a school.

Many people are under the mistaken impression that if you they are arrested for possessing a Schedule II controlled substance, they will be automatically found guilty. However, a skilled drug lawyer can prepare an effective defense to fight your charges. For example, if you were subject to illegal search and seizure or have evidence that the controlled substance was not yours, you may be able to successfully fight your charges.

If you are convicted for possessing a Schedule II controlled substance, you will be branded with a criminal record that cannot be erased. Invest in your future by hiring a drug defense lawyer. At Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis, our legal team has a focus on defending drug-related cases. We offer reasonable rates and have a wide range of payment plans.

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