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Georgia Drug Trafficking

Because of Georgia’s crackdown on drugs, drug trafficking carries serious penalties. In fact, the prison time for trafficking may be more than for some violent crimes. If you are facing a Georgia drug trafficking offense, you should immediately retain qualified counsel to fight your charges and avoid a long period of incarceration.

Trafficking encompasses a variety of actions, such as making, transporting, distributing, or selling drugs. You could potentially be charged with both intent to distribute and trafficking if the prosecution has evidence that your intention was to distribute or sell the controlled substances.

The federal government has developed a set of minimum penalty guidelines for those convicted of drug trafficking, which many states have adopted.  This means that the judge cannot order a sentence more lenient than the mandatory minimum. If you are convicted of drug trafficking in Georgia, you will face prison time, probation, and large fines.

Certain situations can make your penalties even worse. Selling or distributing controlled substances by a school or playground could result in enhanced penalties. The prosecution will also consider the type of drugs you were trafficking when requesting punishment. For example, possession of cocaine may result in harsher penalties than marijuana.

If you were found bringing drugs across state lines, you could face federal charges for trafficking. Even carrying a small amount of a controlled substance onto a plane could result in this serious offense.

In addition to court-imposed penalties, you will face consequences for having a felony offense on your criminal record. You may be unable to rent apartments in some complexes and have trouble applying for work. Voting and owning a firearm are also prohibited for convicted felons.

At this time, you need a qualified lawyer who has experience defending those who have been charged with Georgia drug trafficking. Your lawyer will investigate your case to determine if there is enough evidence to bring you up on these serious charges. In some cases, your lawyer may be able to obtain an acquittal, dismissal, or reduction of your trafficking charge.

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