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Georgia Drug Laws

Dealing with a drug possession charge is a serious matter in Georgia. If convicted of possessing or distributing controlled substances, you would face jail time, probation, fines, and a suspended driver’s license (even if you were not driving at the time of arrest). With so much at stake, you can’t afford not to have the best legal team on your side.

Controlled substances are placed into different categories.  These include both prescription and non-prescription (illegal) drugs.  The schedule of the drug and number of prior offenses on your record are taken into consideration when determining the penalties for the crime. You could face enhanced consequences if you are in possession of a controlled substance by a school or playground.  Additionally, penalties are enhanced if you have enough drugs to be arrested for intent to distribute or trafficking. 

Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis is dedicated to helping those who have been charged with Violating the Georgia Controlled Substances Act. With more than 115 years of collective experience in drug defense, our lawyers have the skills and training necessary to secure the most favorable outcome for your case. Our law firm is so successful because we diligently prepare and negotiate every drug-related charge. Through careful preparation, we have the evidence necessary to negotiate a plea deal or fight your case at trial.

William C. Head

As one of the most well-known defense attorneys in the nation, William C. “Bubba” Head has helped countless clients with their drug-related charges. Mr. Head has been recognized by several prestigious lists, which include: Top DUI Lawyer in American (2003), Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in American Law, Who’s Who in America, and the Order of Barristers. In addition, he has been honored as a Georgia Super Lawyer every year since it has been awarded in Georgia.

Mr. Head is also a successful author, speaker, and consultant on matters related to drunk-driving and drug-related offenses. Thanks to his experience with these topics, he is often asked to comment on cases and changes to the law by newspapers, national television programs, and radio stations. He is a former regent and co-founder of the National College for DUI Defense as well as a life member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Thomas J. Thomas

A graduate of Indiana University (with honors, 1977) and Indiana University of Law (with honors, 1980), Thomas J. Thomas has a special focus on defending drug-related cases. Because of his interest and expertise in handling license suspensions and revocations following a controlled substance arrest, Mr. Thomas is often asked to educate other defense lawyers on this topic.

Through his membership with the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Mr. Thomas stays on top of the latest changes to the state’s drug laws as well as emerging defense strategies. Mr. Thomas is also a member of the computer law and criminal law sections of the Georgia Bar.

Lee Webb

Since obtaining his Juris Doctorate from Georgia State University College of Law in 1995, J. Lee Webb has assisted those who have been accused of possession of controlled substances. He understands the potential consequences of a drug-related conviction and works tirelessly to prepare an effective defense for his clients’ cases.

A member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Mr. Webb is well known for his knowledge and expertise in drug defense.   Mr. Webb routinely speaks at seminars attended by other lawyers.  These seminars are designed to educate other lawyers on the law.

Mr. Webb’s entire legal carrier has been dedicated to drug and alcohol related crimes.  He has received certifications in Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) overview course and Field Sobriety training.  Both of these certifications are essential in successful cross-examination of police officers in court.

Gregory A. Willis

A noted lawyer and speaker, Gregory A. Willis obtained his law degree in 1996 from the University of Georgia School of Law. Mr. Willis is a member of several legal organizations, including the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Because of his expertise on the topic, he is often asked to speak at legal conferences to teach other defense lawyers how to analyze and prepare cases for trial.

Mr. Willis has received his certification on the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) overview course. This course, normally taken by law enforcement agents, teaches officers how to recognize when a person is on controlled substances. Mr. Willis uses the inside knowledge gained from the course to help clients accused of drug possession.

If you have been caught with a controlled substance and subsequently charged by the police, our law firm is ready to help you. We have a range of affordable fees based on your attorney’s experience level and offer a number of payment plans for each situation.

Submit your case online now to schedule a free consultation with an experienced defense attorney. Your attorney will review the facts of your drug-related arrest and offer advice on how to proceed with your case.

Lawrence A. Kohn

Since his admittance to the State Bar of Georgia in 1998, Lawrence A. Kohn has been dedicated to defending those who have been accused of drug-related crimes. Mr. Kohn is a noted speaker who is often invited to share his expertise on criminal defense with other attorneys at legal seminars and workshops.

Mr. Kohn received his law degree with honors from the Georgia State University College of Law and is a member of several highly-regarded legal associations, such as the National College of DUI Defense, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Georgia Defense of Drinking Drivers Group. Thanks to his extensive knowledge and training on the topic, Mr. Kohn has also served as a chair for drunk-driving trial programs presented across Georgia to judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys.


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